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lynn pepin ❖ 199X ❖ they/them ❖ uconn alum


Some more things about me

  • i've been called a "computer clown", a "delicate linux flower", and a "phd dropout"
  • big fan of opossums and crows
  • things i do:
    • full-stack engineering and datascience
    • art and gamedev
  • things i used to do:
    • research in cybersecurity and machinelearning
    • tutor
    • consulting for linux and python
    • cryptography
  • tools i love to work with:
    • procreate and GIMP
    • blender and godot
  • languages im fast in:
    • rust fan
    • python enjoyer
    • javascript tolerator
    • C appreciator
    • bash sufferer

Between 2020 and 2023, this site ran on my diy-static-site-generator from 2020 to 2023 until I switched to Zola.