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An image of a logo that looks almost like a circuit, blinking with the letters R E S O.

⛏️ Reso⛏️ , 2018, Python. is a graph-automata circuit-programming language inspired by redstone and wireworld. It is Turing complete, but not very pretty to use. I might revisit this later, it'd be better if it was interactive, web-based, and would interact with GPIO pins (say, on a Raspberry Pi)!

See an explanatory blogpost here:

Apocalypse Sirens: FOSS Trading Card Game

Apocalypse Sirens, 2020-ongoing is a small GIMP Python (PythonFu) script to automate editing for a trading card game.

Modifying images by hand is a chore, especially when you have 60+ cards that follow the same structure. Scripting GIMP lets us automate most of this work.

Source code isn't out yet, because (1) GIMP's script-fu is in flux, and (2) the art is completely stolen and not free for me to release. Expect it soon :)

DIY static-site-generator

📝This blog📝, 2020-2023, Python, HTML, CSS. Using Pandoc for the real work, this was a quick-and-dirty static site generator! I started this in 2020 to learn basic web design. I like to think I made a minimal, lightweight, and nice looking static site. :)

Python Snippets

🐍Python Snippets🐍, 2019-ongoing, Python (mostly). A small collection of mostly-Python snippets, tricks, or writeups. Sometimes for others benefit, sometimes my own. Nothing too fancy here!

Finished Proof-of-Concepts

These are a collection of proof-of-concept projects that I did to teach myself a new skill or out of curiosity! Source code is provided, so feel free to poke around.

Godot Animal Crossing "rolling log" shader

A two-second clip showing a white figure navigating a green landscape, which is distorted so it appears to roll 'away' from the viewer.

🪵Rolling Log "Animal Crossing" shader🪵, 2020, Godot 3. This is a vertex shader that recreates the "rolling log" effect that is popular in the Animal Crossing series. Watch as your planar world wraps itself over an invisible cylinder, and hangs as if cloth!

Cellular Automata

A conways-game-of-life esque simulation, with three parties intermingling.
A brians-brain esque automata with three colored states, bouncing around.

🐛RGBLife🐛 and 🧠Brainbow🧠, 2017-2018, Python. These are both cellular automata with four states (red, green, blue, and dead) with some neat behavior. By the way, I learned "test-driven development" (TDD) when working on these these projects. I highly TDD to anyone who hasn't tried it, it really improved the way I code. :)